The Story

Sisters and the Shrink is based on the real-life story of six ordinary
women who face regular everyday problems at both home and work and
seek the assistance of a shrink to help channel their thoughts and find a
solution to their problems.

Sam is tired of the same old drama and hires a shrink that attempts to listen to their
drama-filled lives and provide ways for the “sisters” to repair their broken
relationships, friendships, and family ties. The women seem to always
blame others but fail to realize they are part of the problem.

Although the women are faced with many issues individually, the
shrink uses a unique tactic to create a new bond of sisterhood that serves
as therapy and healing to many of the women.

This tear-jerking film is guaranteed to leave viewers desiring newfound love and long-lasting
relationships that all may be accredited to the insight of the
stigmatized advice of the shrink that solves one last problem in their lives.

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